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  Effluent Filters/Risers
  Application and Process — Effluent Filter-Risers

Alteration to Existing System Application: Alterations to your system may be required when making upgrades to your system or when a renovation application requires the addition of an effluent filter or access risers.

Effluent filters are functional safeguards against solids infiltrating the leaching bed. Solids in the bed have the potential to cause blockages and intern break out (failure). As of 2006 New septic systems are required under the Ontario Building Code to be installed with an effluent filter that meets NSF/ANSI 46 standards.

The Ontario Building Code also requires the lid on the outlet side of the tank to be assessable at grade to allow for servicing of the effluent filter. In some cases due to the depth of the tank this may require the installation of access risers.

The Process


* Application approval may require submission of additional documentation or revisions to original Application.

Submission of a Application to The Ottawa Septic System Office:

  1. Complete and submit an application for a Certificate of Approval (Permit) — Click here to view. Please note that an official application in triplicate is required and include one of the following with the property’s legal description:

    • Tax Assessment
    • Title Deed first page
    • Survey/eMAP

  2. An inspector from the Ottawa Septic System Office will review the application. Response time is 5 to 10 business days if all required information has been provided. If approved, a permit is issued allowing alteration of the Septic System to begin:

    • one copy goes to the city building department
    • one copy is kept at the OSSO
    • one copy is for the applicant

    Note: Application and their associated Permits are Non-Transferable and expire 12 months from date of approval

  3. The Ottawa Septic System Office conducts an installation inspection. It is the installer and applicant’s responsibility to request inspections at appropriate stages of the project. The installer is required to take photos before and after and submit along with the inspection request

    Requests for inspection must be made in writing using prescribed request form via fax, email or in person.

  4. Once the final grading inspection is complete and approved, Ottawa Septic System Office will issue a Certificate of Completion. A homeowner package, including a copy of Septic Smart! Understanding Your Homes‘s Septic System and the records associated with your septic system will be mailed to the address noted on the application. Be sure to include your postal code in order to receive this information kit.

    Note : Septic Systems can only be installed by a contractor with a supervisor licensed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) as an installer under Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code or the property owner themselves. This excludes systems which include an advanced treatment unit which can only be installed by a licensed installer.

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