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  Application Forms and Process — 10/11
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Renovation/ Change of Use Application Form: The purpose of a Renovation/Change of Use Application is to determine if the current septic system is sized adequately to support a proposed Renovation/Change of Use. This Application Form is required when constructing a residential or commercial addition to a structure that:

  • Exceeds 15% of the current floor area
  • Includes the addition of bedrooms
  • Addition of plumbing fixtures.

When converting a residential dwelling to a commercial use or vice versa a Renovation/Change of Use application is required to identify the proposed change and determine if the current system is adequate to support this change of use. Construction in close proximity to a septic field may also require a Renovation/Change of Use Application such as the construction of a pool or shed.

  The Process

Submission of a Renovation/Change of Use Application to Ottawa Septic System Office:

  1. Complete and submit an application for a Renovation/ Change of Use permit (your installer/ Designer can aid with completion and submission). Please note that an official application in triplicate is required:

    • one copy goes to the city building services
    • one copy is kept at the Ottawa Septic System Office
    • one copy is for the applicant

  2. Response time is 5 to 10 business days, pending initial review by area inspector & supply of any supplemental information requested at the discretion of the inspector such as but not limited to:

    • Official survey
    • Soil analysis
    • 3rd party site assessment.

    Note: Renovation/Change of Use Applications and their associated Permits are Non-Transferable and expire 12 months from date of approval

  3. Attachments required with Part 10, 11 application, Please include one copy of each of the following:

  4. If refused, a copy of the Renovation/Change of Use Application will state the course of action required to obtain an approved application.
  5. Note: Approval of a Renovation/Change of Use Application may require additional information or alterations to existing systems and submission of related applications.

  6. if approved, the Renovation/ Change of Use permit is issued

    • one copy goes to the city building department
    • one copy is kept at the OSSO
    • one copy is for the applicant (include a copy of this permit with any building applications submitted to the City of Ottawa)

  7. An approved Renovation/Change of Use Application is not a Permit to commence construction of your project. It is only a comment from this office concerning the capacity of the current septic system and its ability to accommodate the proposed Renovation/Change of Use.

Note : Septic Systems can only be installed by a contractor licensed and registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) as an installer under Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code or the property owner themselves. This excludes systems which include an advanced treatment unit which can only be installed by a licensed installer.

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