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  Request for Septic Records
  Application Forms and Process — Septic System Records Search

Septic System Records Search: A Septic System Records Search is required when you are looking to obtain your septic records for a renovation application, buying or selling a house or wish to locate your current system.

Note: Records pertaining to wells are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment. Please contact the Ministry of the Environment (http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/) at 1-800-267-0974.

  The Process

Requests for septic system records are made via a Septic System Records Search:

Ottawa Septic System Office has septic records from 1977 to the present for the City of Ottawa.
For records for septic systems installed before 1977 contact the Public Health Inspections Branch
at 613-580-6744.

Note: For records outside of the current City of Ottawa please contact your local health unit. Have a look at Eastern Ontario Septic programs map

Submission of a Septic System Record Search request to Ottawa Septic System Office:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your title & deed documents as the septic records may be attached to these documents. You will be looking for documents titled ‘USE PERMIT” and/or “APPLICATION FOR SEPTIC SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION” with the Ontario trillium logo in the top left corner (see examples below).

  2. If you are unable to locate any records, submit a Septic System Record Search request with this office – see Fee Schedule for current fee (This can be completed by fax, email or in person. Electronic submissions must include payment by credit card)

  3. Provide as much information as possible (Much of this information can be found on your tax assessment, title deed or land transfer records):

    • Township Lot
    • Concession
    • Sub lot
    • Plan Number
    • Civic Address (ex. 3889 Rideau Valley dr.)
    • Previous owners/Developer
    • Approximate date of installation.

      This information will aid in retrieving any records that may exist.

  4. Response time is 3-5 business days, a copy of the request will be returned with a response indicating if records matching the information provided where found.

    • If records were found they will be attached to the response and forwarded to you in the manner in which was indicated
    • If no records are found, contact a licensed installer or consulting engineer to have them complete a site assessment or your current system.

Note: septic record for incomplete Applications may only be released to original applicant. Records only become part of the public record when the use permit/ certificate of completion have been issued.

The information provided by the Ottawa Septic System Office is given for your convenience only. Supplementary requests are necessary for conformity with other legislation such as flood plain or shoreline works. It should be clearly understood that you must satisfy yourself as to whether the premises and the existing or proposed use thereof is or would be in conformity with all applicable regulations.

Example Records

Note : Septic Systems can only be installed by a contractor licensed and registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) as an installer under Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code or the property owner themselves. This excludes systems which include an advanced treatment unit which can only be installed by a licensed installer.

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